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  Since its establishment in 1950, the library of Southwest University of political science and law has two buildings: the Central Library of Yubei campus and the branch library of Shapingba campus, with a total construction area of 38000 square meters, 3300 reading seats and 1.94 million books. Yubei Campus Center Hall has modern shape, beautiful environment, advanced equipment and complete functions, with meeting, audio-visual, retrieval and monitoring functions. It is integrated with the history exhibition room and the law culture museum, and becomes the campus culture landmark building of Southwest University of political science and law. It is one of the libraries with advanced information equipment, the largest single building area and the highest building intelligence in Chongqing universities.

  The library has rich book resources, equipped with Chinese book lending room, foreign language book reading room and newspaper reading room. It is a good place to review and prepare for the exam with heating, hot water and other supplies sufficiently provided.

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